Israeli spacecraft scheduled to land on the Moon in February 2019

SpaceIL and Israel’s Aerospace Industries mission to land on the Moon announced; Israel to be fourth to land on the Moon; Launch scheduled for Dec. 2018, landing in February 2019;  SpaceIL: We will put the Israeli flag on the Moon.



Israel announced on Tuesday that it plans to be the fourth country to land on the Moon, a lunar launch scheduled for December of this year.

SpaceIL announced that it plans to land on the Moon by February 13, 2019, confirming “We have a launch and landing dates! December 2018- Launch, February 13 2019- First Israeli spacecraft lands on the Moon! SpaceIL’s moon mission is officially underway.”

Israel will follow the United States, China and the Soviet Union in landing on the Moon.

Both the Israel Aerospace Industries and SpaceIL will work together on the mission which has gained over $95 million in investments to date. A SpaceX Falcon rocket will be used to launch a unmanned spacecraft that will measure magnetic fields and be used to send video, photos and data to earth. SpaceIL’s CEO Ido Anteby reported Tuesday that the spacecraft to be sent will be the smallest ever to land on the Moon, announcing “We will put the Israeli flag on the Moon.”

The spacecraft will be completely autonomous and will be 1.5 meters in height and weigh 600 kilograms. Its weight will drop to 180 kilograms before it lands.

SpaceIL’s program was started in 2011 and is being privately funded, with major contributions from both Morris Kahn and Sheldon Adelson.



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