Hamas, Hezbollah vow revenge following assassination of operative in Malaysia

Both terror organizations accuse Mossad, Israel of assassination of Hamas scientist, vow revenge; Nasrallah accuses death of “number of Lebanese minds” in past weeks on Israel; Hamas head: The fight between us and Israel has moved abroad and Hamas’ response will be at the time and place of its choosing.



Both Hamas and Hezbollah accused Israel of assassinating a Hamas engineer in Malaysia, Hamas vowing revenge.

Fadi al-Batsh, a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip and confirmed “loyal” member of Hamas, was shot by two unknown assailants on Saturday, Malaysian authorities actively investigating the incident.

Batsh was an electrical engineer and lecturer at the University of Kuala Lumpur and a renowned drown expert and even published research on power supply to UAV’s. According to reports from Malaysian media following his death, he was also rocket expert and had been involved in Hamas operations and Islamic groups in Malaysia for years.

Shortly following his death, Hamas vowed revenge, accusing the Mossad of the assassination. The terror organization erected a mourning tent in Jabalia in the Gaza Strip which was attempted by senior Hamas officials who used the opportunity to fuel flames and call on Palestinians in the strip to respond.

Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh threatened retaliation, confirming the terrorist was a loyal member of Hamas. He stated following the attack “There will be an unsettled account between us and the Mossad. We cannot give up on the blood of our sons, youth and scholars. The fight between us and Israel has moved abroad and Hamas’ response will be at the time and place of its choosing.” As with any and all action taken on Hamas, he accused Israel of a “failed attempt by Israel to draw international attention away from its crimes in the Gaza Strip,” in reference to Israel’s defense amidst weeks of violent riots on the border fence.

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah also took to accusing the Mossad, claiming that Israel has an “ongoing plan… to not parade any Arab mind that contains knowledge, expertise and experience,” claiming that Israel is “pursuing Arab scientists and academics, from Iran to Tunisia to Malaysia.” He even claimed that a “number of Lebanese minds were killed in the last weeks and months under mysterious circumstances around the world,” likely by Israel.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, responded to the reports that Israel was responsible for the attack. He stated in an interview with Israel Radio that “We heard about it in the news. The terrorist organizations blame every assassination on Israel – we’re used to that. The man was no saint and he did not deal with improving infrastructure in Gaza. He was involved in improving rocket accuracy. We constantly see a settling of accounts between various factions in the terrorist organizations and I suppose that is what happened in this case.”

Malaysian police released sketches of the shooters, confirming that 14 bullets were shot. They have labeled the attack as a “targeted killing and not a terrorist attack,” Deputy Malaysian Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi claiming that a possible “liability for a country that is an enemy of Palestine.”

Hamas has been known to recruit and train operatives in Malaysia. During Operation Protective Edge, operatives in Malaysia underwent training on hang gliders for infiltration into Israel, both Hamas and Malaysia denying reports.



Photo: Mourner’s tent for terrorist in Gaza Strip, Malaysian Police media report, 2018