Netanyahu: I want young Indians to know that Israel wants to form partnerships with you.

PM continues India tour, holding bilateral meetings; Numerous agreements signed in agriculture, security, trade and innovation; Netanyahu: Together, you will get there a lot quicker and also get a lot further.


Prime Minister Netanyahu is midway through his India tour, holding numerous meetings with Indian businesspeople and political officials, signing agreements and memorandums of understanding in the fields of security, cyber security, agriculture, education, trade, innovation and much more.

The prime minister has referred to Israeli-India bilateral cooperation and cooperation as “match made in heaven”, bilateral trade between India and Israel increasing to over $5 billion last year, with numerous developments and progress underway.

Speaking at the iCreate Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology, the prime minister highlighted the promising future between Israel and India, specifically in the areas of cooperation and trade. He stated that both Prime Minister Modi to Israel this past summer, and his current visit to India as the “mark a new era of Israel-India cooperation,” highlighting cooperation in technology and innovation.

Netanyahu then spoke of innovation funds and programs created since Modi’s visit to Israel and during his tour, stating “Half a year ago we launched the Israel-India innovation dream. The idea was simple: unite brilliant young Indians and brilliant young Israelis to help solve pressing global problems.” He reported that over 600 companies for the incubator, and that “Several dozen were chosen, but this is just a small sample of the scope of our cooperation.”

Addressing younger Indians and Israelis, and the bright future of bilateral ties and increased business and cooperation, the prime minister emphasized “I want young Indians to know that Israel wants to form partnerships with you in technology, in water, in agriculture, in cyber, in drones, in health, in life sciences, in every field we are your partners. I want young Israelis to come to India not just with a backpack, but with a laptop. This is a century of boundless potential and that’s why I’ve come here, to encourage young innovators from our two countries to work together.”

Earlier this week, both Netanyahu and Modi signed agreements in energy, cinema coproduction, aviation, cyber security and a mutual investment fund of $40 million. Reports claim that both countries are seeking a direct flight route from Israel to India, reports claiming that Saudi Arabia may consider allowing Israeli aircrafts to fly over its region, allowing for shorter flights.

Netanyahu underlined India and Israel’s capabilities to innovate together when addressing Indian business leaders midweek, stating, “The future belongs to those who innovate. We in Israel are seizing the future. You in India are seizing the future. Together, you will get there a lot quicker and also get a lot further. Innovation doesn’t happen by itself. Some of it does. But it can be nurtured, it can encouraged. It also can be discouraged. The job of governments like that of Prime Minister Modi and my own government is to facilitate your competitive advantages and ability to innovate.”



Photo: PM Netanyahu, Wikimedia Commons, 2017.