Putin and Erdogan condemn Jerusalem recognition following meeting in Ankara

Putin meets with Erdogan following meetings with President Sisi in Egypt and Assad in Syria; Meeting centered on S-400 missile system sale, Syria and Jerusalem; Putin: The discussion today was also held concerning the area for undertaking of further steps in liberalization of our trade and economic ties., Dec. 12, 2017.



Russian President Vladimir Putin met with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara Monday, both leaders condemning the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as it capital, claiming it “destabilizes” the region.

Putin met with Erdogan following meetings with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo and President Assad in Syria, as Russia extends its influence in the region.

Putin’s meeting with Sisi centered on renewing civilian flights from Egypt to Russia, as well the signing of a $21 billion nuclear power plant deal, ending three years of negotiations. It will be North Africa’s first nuclear power plant and drastically increase Russian’s economic relations with Egypt.

The Russian President’s surprise visit to Syria on Monday was to announce the end of Russia’s military campaign in Syria, Putin ordering the withdrawal of Russian troops after two years.

Erdogan’s meeting with Putin Monday centered on its recent bilateral agreements, Syria, Jerusalem and Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense system, Putin reporting “The discussion today was also held concerning the area for undertaking of further steps in liberalization of our trade and economic ties. I consider our conversation was very useful in this aspect”

Bother leaders addressed the press following their meeting, Erdogan, who in the past few days has accused Israel of human rights abuses, murder of children, terrorism and occupation, continued with his anti-Israel rhetoric, stating to the press “Israel sees the recent developments as an opportunity to increase pressure and violence against Palestinians. It’s not possible for anyone with a conscience, morals or principles to ignore these murders.”

Putin affirmed that “Both Russia and Turkey think the decision of the US to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not helping the situation in the Middle East,” claiming that Jerusalem’s recognition “can derail the Israel-Palestine peace process.”

Erdogan stated previously during a demonstration attended by thousands, that Israel is a “terrorist” state and the United States has become its partner in this bloodshed”. He stated on Sunday, “The ones who made Jerusalem a dungeon for Muslims and members of other religions will never be able to clean the blood from their hands. With their decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the United States has become a partner in this bloodshed… We will not abandon Jerusalem to the mercy of a state that kills children.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to Erdogan’s accusations during a press conference with French President Emanuel Macron in Paris on Sunday stating “I am not used to receiving lectures about morality from the leader who bombs Kurdish villagers in his native Turkey, who jails journalists, who helps Iran go around international sanctions, and who helps terrorists, including in Gaza, kill innocent people. That is not the man who is going to lecture us.”

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders emphasized in a recent press conference “The United States has condemned violence in Israel following Trump’s historic announcement last week…We’re continuing to urge calm and we’re open and willing and want to continue meeting and discussing a peace deal. Violence is always going to be the responsibility of those who carried it out, not the president or anyone else.”



Photo: Erdogan and Putin, CC, 2017

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