A Word from Amir, Dec. 12, 2017

Amir’s commentary on Turkey- ally to a soon enemy of Israel! These are the days of Ezekiel!



Did the Turkish Sultan cross a red line and threaten to kill Jews?

The beginning of this story is in a speech that carried the Turkish President in front of hundreds of people, following the speech of Trump on Jerusalem being the capital of Israel!

During the speech, Erdogan claimed “whoever thinks they own Jerusalem knows very well, that tomorrow they won’t even be able to hide behind trees”.

So what did the Turkish Sultan mean? And why is it a threat to killing Jews? It’s important that we all understand the hidden meaning behind this expression .

Notice the last part of the sentence: they won’t be able to hide behind trees. This text is not trivial and is chosen carefully. This is the text that was taken from the Hadith (the oral Quran), and he is referring to the killing of Jews during the times of Muhammad.

This is the full part of the text, translated into English:

“Judgment day will not come until you are fight and kill them. The Jews are hiding behind stones and trees, but the stones and trees will be called: “O Muslim, o servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me come and kill him!”

Turkey- from an ally to a soon enemy of Israel! These are the days of Ezekiel!

4 thoughts on “A Word from Amir, Dec. 12, 2017

  1. Yes. For the last 5 years the Lord has been speaking to me about Gog Magog war and Ezekiel 38
    Although Trump appears to be a friend of Israel, he is motivated by money and his actions will usher in the anti Christ. Many prophets for hire have said many things about him, but his role in biblical prophecy is not what people think.
    Russia is behind the N Korea issue, they are very close & work tightly together in Siberia. Trump will lead America in a great calamity with Russia leaving Israel without its new ‘saviour’. Israel is in grave danger, the Gog Magog war is a war, yes God always turns up for Israel but much purging will take place and the stage is set for the man of perdition.
    2 days ago I had a vision of a chalice cup floating above a crowd of people & they were reaching to grab it, every time someone took hold of it, the chalice began to shake and tip, the stronger people held on the more out of balance it became & the Lord said “Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling”
    These are very serious days & Israel has been deceived by Trump & Putin, they have followed the bait, Jerusalem, into a danger zone & Gods help will come once He has summoned the Gog Magog war.
    In 2012 the Lord said to me “Be prepared to see what you never thought you would live to see”

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