Netanyahu announces Israel-Africa summit in October

Prime Minister Netanyahu to meet with President Faure Gnassingbé of Togo who will arrive in Jerusalem Monday; PM announces Israel-Africa conference in Oct., reports of efforts by states to cancel conference



Prime Minister Netanyahu will meet with President Faure Gnassingbé of Togo this week.

The meeting is part of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s ongoing efforts to improve and increase Israel’s relations with Africa. The president will arrive in Israel Monday for five-day tour.

Prime Minister Netanyahu announced his itinerary with President Gnassingbé as well as reported that he will travel again to Africa in two months time to participate in Israel-Africa conference in Togo. This will be his third visit to Africa in the past year.

The conference, to be attended by 20-25 African states, will include over 150 Israeli companies represented. The conference will focus on diverse areas such business, trade, technology, agriculture, energy, academia, counter-terrorism and cyber security.

The prime minister stated on Sunday “I will host the President of Togo. I will talk with him about – inter alia – the Africa-Israel conference that Togo is due to host in about two months. This will be my third visit to Africa in a little over a year: First East Africa, then West Africa and now an economic-technological conference for the countries of Africa, with a clear goal – to bring Israel back to Africa in a big way.”

He also reported that the Togo President has been pressured to cancel the conference in Lome, Prime Minister Netanyahu stating to his cabinet “This is not taking place without contrary pressure. Various pressures have been placed on the Togolese President to cancel the conference. These pressures are the best testimony to the success of our policy, of Israel’s presence in Africa. Last week Cape Verde announced that it will not vote against us in UN institutions. This is important and it attests to success. Of course I will speak with the Togolese President about ways to deepen and expand Israel’s presence in Africa.”