Terrorists in Jerusalem shot and killed two Israeli policemen Friday

Two killed and one injured; Terrorists neutralized; Israeli Arabs in Umm al-Fahm erect mourner’s tent; Israeli police remove tent; Netanyahu: In the framework of our policy of maintaining the status-quo, we will gradually open the Temple Mount, but with increased security measures.”



Two Israeli policemen were killed and a third injured in a terror attack in Old City Jerusalem Friday morning.

Three terrorists, all Arab Israelis from the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm, not far from Haifa, opened fired on policemen close to the Lion’s Gate in Jerusalem. The terrorists were chased down and shot and killed close to the Temple Mount.

The victims in the attack were border police Staff Sgt. Maj. Kamil Shnaan, 22, from Maghar and Sgt. Maj. Ha’il Sitawe, 30, a Druze from Maghar.

Arab residents from Umm al-Fahm set up mourner’s tents for the terrorists shortly after, the Israeli police removing the tents and dispersing the crowds Friday.

The terror attacks were also misreported in international media, newspapers emphasizing injured Palestinians or referring to the attack as “police confrontation”.

The Palestinian Authority condemned the attack, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas speaking with Prime Minister Netanyahu on Friday. Abbas expressed his “strong rejection and condemnation of the incident that took place at the holy al-Aksa Mosque,” calling on the Israeli government to reopen the Temple Mount on Sunday morning.

The White House also condemned the attacks, releasing a statement “the Holy City of Jerusalem, which means ‘City of Peace’, became a scene of terror. There must be zero tolerance for terrorism. It is incompatible with achieving peace and we must condemn it in the strongest terms, defeat it, and eradicate it.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the events, as well as the “mourning tent” stating “Before the onset of Shabbat, [Sabbath] I spoke with the parents of our two heroic policemen who were murdered on the Temple Mount. I sent them a hug from every citizen of Israel and participation in their awful grief. Also before Shabbat I directed that the mourners’ tents of the families of the contemptible murderers be destroyed.

He announced new security for the Temple Mount and Old City, stating “This evening I held a discussion with the top security leadership and I instructed that metal detectors be placed at the entrance gates to the Temple Mount. We will also install security cameras on poles outside the Temple Mount but which give almost complete control over what goes on there. I decided that as of tomorrow, in the framework of our policy of maintaining the status-quo, we will gradually open the Temple Mount, but with increased security measures.”

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