Record number of tourists visit Israel in first half of 2017

40% of tourists to Israel in 2017 from the USA; 25% increase in tourism since 2016



Israel has seen a record number of tourists in the first half of 2017, with the highest number of tourists in Israel’s history.

According to statistics released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, a record number of 1.74 million visited Israel in the first half of 2017 alone. The large wave of tourism, which has peaked since summer, has brought in over $2.6 million in tourism thus far.

There has been over 25% increase in tourists to Israel in the first half of 2017 in comparison to 2016.

The highest number of tourists visiting Israel in 2017 hail from the United States, a reported 40% of tourists who visited Israel in 2017 alone.

Israel’s Tourism Minister, Yariv Levin stated on the high number of tourists “We are pursuing marketing campaigns and taking innovative steps to promote the Israel brand, as well as bringing new airline companies and flights to Israel, all of which prove themselves month after month. The significant numerical increase contributes extraordinarily to the market, employment and economy of Israel,” Levin referring to the Open Skies Agreement between Israel and Europe, as well as increasing numbers of direct flights from Israel to North America and Asia.

In April of this year, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism announced that April 2017 had the highest number of tourists to Israel in the nation’s 69-year history. It reported that tourism to Israel in April alone increased by 38% compared to April 2016, with a reported 349,000 tourists visiting Israel in April 2017.

The Ministry of Tourism cited the lower cost of vacationing in Israel, as well as cheaper flights and hotel options in Israel as factors in the higher number of tourists.

Tourism is one of the largest markets in Israel, the boost in tourism contributing significantly to Israel’s economy. Just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg claimed Israel as the third most stable economy globally in 2016. Israel follows Hong Kong and South Korea, Bloomberg citing Israel’s 4.8% unemployment rate and almost non-existent inflation as the reasons Israel’s economy is so strong globally.