Netanyahu and Putin discuss Syria, demilitarized buffer zone on Israel’s border

PM and Putin discuss Syria and Amman talks, including buffer zone between Syria and Israel; Russia: Israel and Russia “in the same boat” in combatting terrorism



Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the situation in Syria Thursday.

The two leaders reportedly discussed talks between Russia and Syria from Amman as well plans for a demilitarized buffer zone to prevent terrorist organizations, mainly Hezbollah, from operating close to Israel’s borders.

Reports claim that Prime Minister Netanyahu also addressed Iran and Hezbollah’s ongoing activities in Syria, as well as Israel’s numerous airstrikes over the past weeks in response to mortar fire into the Golan Heights.

The Kremlin stated on the conversation “Mr. Putin and Mr. Netanyahu continued their exchange of opinions on topical issues of Russia-Israel cooperation. In the context of joint efforts against international terrorism, they discussed the Middle East settlement and the situation in Syria.”

Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to Israel Alexey Drobinin stated earlier this week that Israel’s interests would be factored into any agreements made in Syria and that both Russia and Israel are both “in the same boat” in fighting terrorism.

Drobinin stated “Israel can fully count on Russia for its interests to be factored into any future security, political and diplomatic agreements relating to Syria… Russia and Israel have formed many channels to conduct intensive, practical and professional dialogue on everything regarding the situation in Syria.”