Hezbollah operating under guise of fake NGO on border with Israel

Terrorist organization using fake environmental NGO to disguise its terror activities and intelligence gathering on Israel’s border

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Hezbollah has been using a fake NGO to disguise its terror activities on Israel’s border.

The terrorist organization has set up numerous observation points on the border with Israel, disguising itself at the “Green Without Borders”, a fake environmental organization. Hezbollah has reportedly been gathering intelligence on Israel, video footage released Thursday of militants filming and taking pictures of Israel from the observation points.

Israel has reported Hezbollah’s activities to the United Nations Security Council, the activities direct violations of two Security Council resolutions.

The IDF and Israel’s intelligence agencies are investigating the situation.

In April, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, submitted a letter to the Security Council with evidence of Hezbollah operating in the Blue Line (border with Israel). He stated that, “Hezbollah is working along the Blue Line under the guise of civilian activity, while violating UN Security Council resolutions 1701 and 1559.”


Photo: Hezbollah photographing from border with Israel (IDF)