Iran rocket attacks on Syria a failure- Iran: The Saudis and Americans are the main recipients of this message.

Only 1 of 7 rockets land close to ISIS target; Iran FM claims USA, Israel and S. Arabia “recipients of message”

A smoke trail is seen as a rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel


Majority of the rockets fired by Iran at Syria on Sunday missed their targets, with three of the seven rockets launched landing in Iraq.

Iran fired missiles into eastern Syria Sunday targeting ISIS positions in retaliation for the terrorist groups’ attacks in Tehran early June. On June 7, ISIS gunmen and a suicide bomber carried out twin attacks in Tehran, killing 13 and injuring over 40. The attacks were carried out on Iran’s parliament building and a Khomeini mausoleum.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched 7 mid-range ground-to-ground missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria Sunday. The Revolutionary Guard and Iranian media claimed the attacks were a success, killing over 300 terrorists and destroying weapons.

Israel’s media on Tuesday proved just the opposite of what Iran declared a “success” of its Iran’s first missile attack in 30 years. Only one of the rockets landed close to the target- an ISIS base.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Hussein al-Islam claimed on Monday that the attacks were a success as they showed a message to Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia. He claimed, “The Saudis and Americans are the main recipients of this message. Several reactionary countries in the region, especially Saudi Arabia, have announced they are trying to bring insecurity to Iran.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded to these reports, stating “This activity is also about Iranian attempts to settle in Syria and, of course, transfer advanced weaponry to the Lebanese Hezbollah. I have a message to Iran: Do not threaten Israel.”