Iran fired missiles into Syria in retaliation for ISIS attacks in Tehran

Iran carried out missile attacks on Syria Sunday in retaliation for ISIS Tehran attacks in first missile attack by Iran in 30 years



Iran fired missiles into eastern Syria Sunday targeting ISIS positions in retaliation for the terrorist groups’ attacks in Tehran early June.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched mid-range ground-to-ground missiles from western Iran into eastern Syria Sunday, mainly hitting the Deir al Zour region. The Revolutionary Guard claimed the attacks were a success, killing terrorists and destroying weapons, it stating following the attacks “Medium-range missiles were fired from the (western) provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdestan, and a large number of terrorists were killed and weapons destroyed.”

Iran reportedly fired Shahab-3 ballistic missiles, in the country’s first missile attack in over 30 years since the Iraq-Iran War.

On June 7, ISIS gunmen and a suicide bomber carried out twin attacks in Tehran, killing 13 and injuring over 40. The attacks were carried out on Iran’s parliament building and a Khomeini mausoleum.