Report: Saudi Arabia and Israel negotiating establishing economic ties

S. Arabia and Israel reportedly held talks on establishing economic ties including allowing Israel to fly over Gulf


Photo: Wikicommons


Israel and Saudi Arabia have reportedly held talks on establishing economic ties.

Reports of the talks surfaced over the weekend, the UK’s The Times reporting the possible establishment of economic cooperation between both states. Direct communications, flying over Gulf and the entrance of Israeli businesses in the region were reportedly discussed. The report claimed that “links would start small: allowing Israeli businesses to operate in the Gulf, for example, and letting El Al, the national airline, fly over Saudi airspace.”

Both American and Gulf sources were cited in the report.

Just two weeks, Saudi Arabia, along with four other Arab states, announced it had severed ties with Qatar over its ongoing support of terrorism, Saudi Arabia citing its reasons as “(Qatar) embraces multiple terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at disturbing stability in the region, including the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (Islamic State) and al-Qaeda, and promotes the message and schemes of these groups through their media constantly.”

Israel, nor Saudi Arabia, have confirmed or denied the reports.