Arab media reports attack on Syrian army base overnight Saturday

IDF refuses to comment on reports of additional Israeli strikes in Syria on Saturday night

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet (Reuters)


Arab media reported an additional Israeli strike in Syria on Saturday evening, amidst growing tension on Israel’s border over the past week.

If true, it would be Israel’s fourth reported strikes in Syria in a week’s time, the IDF refusing to deny or address the reports of Saturday’s attacks.

According to reports, the Israel Air Force attacked a Syrian regime army base, with no reports detailing the attack.

The attack reported comes after a Patriot missile intercepted a Syrian drone that infiltrated Israeli territory Thursday evening. The IDF confirmed the incident, releasing the statement “A Patriot anti-ballistic missile was launched a few minutes ago toward a target in the Golan Heights. The IDF will not allow any breach of Israel’s airspace and will act against any attempt of infiltration.”

The incident occurred after the Israel Air Force targeted an Iranian-Hezbollah arms depot near the Damascus International Airport early Thursday morning. The IDF refused to comment on the reports, a spokesman from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stating Thursday morning “We can’t comment on such reports,” consistent with the IDF’s position to not confirm or deny reports on covert operations in Syria.

Following strikes carried out a few days before then, a senior intelligence officer in the IDF reported that approximately 100 Hezbollah missiles were destroyed.