Israel receives three additional F-35 fighter jets

Israel now has five F-35’s of 50 approved for purchase; Fighter jets to part of Israel’s naval show on Israel’s Independence Day

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Israel received three additional F-35 fighter jets on Sunday, the jets to be showed off as part of Israel’s annual Independence Day air show.

The F-35, or as named in Israel “Adir”, meaning “mighty/awesome/glorious”, were revealed to the public mid-2016 at the Lockheed Martin Aerospace Company in Texas. The Lockheed Martin produced-jets cost around $110 million each.

Israel is the first country aside from the United States to acquire the world’s most advanced fighter jets. Israel received two F-35’s last year.

Israel is set to receive a total of 50 F-35’s, Israel’s security cabinet having approved the $1.5 billion purchases as part of the United States and Israel’s Memorandum of Understanding. Israel’s security cabinet approved the purchase of 14 jets in 2014, the number rising to 50 with reports that Israel intends to purchase a total of 75 jets.

The F-35 is capable of carrying over 16 tons of bombs and missiles and is most unique for having the most advanced stealth technology of any aircraft. The F-35 is also Israel’s solution to the S-300, as it is capable of evading the air defense system.

Israel has also heavily contributed to the F-35’s development. While Lockheed Martin have created and produced the fighter jets, Israel’s Elbit System and Israel Aerospace Industries have created parts for the fighter jets. The helmets for the jets were also jointly created by Elbit and Rockwell Collins.