Palestinian cancer patient attempted to smuggle explosive materials into Israel from Gaza Strip

Palestinian cancer patient with entry permit into Israel attempted to smuggle explosive materials into Israel; Shin Bet confirms Hamas sent the women



Two Palestinians, one with a permit to enter Israel for cancer treatment, attempted to smuggle materials used for explosive devices from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

Israel’s Security Agency, Shin Bet, cleared the report for publication, the incident taking place on Wednesday morning at the Erez border crossing into Israel. The two Palestinians, both sisters, attempted to smuggle the explosive materials hidden in tubes labeled as “medicine” for cancer treatment.

One of the sisters had an entry permit into Israel for cancer treatment in an Israeli hospital.

The Shin Bet confirmed the terrorists were sent by Hamas stating on Wednesday afternoon just hours after the incident “The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, including Hamas, continue to exploit the humanitarian and medical assistance provided by Israel to the residents of the Gaza Strip in order to perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel.”

The Shin Bet has placed border crossings into Israel on high alert and are continuing to investigate. Both of the women have been taken into custody.