Report: Chemical attack carried out in northern Syria Tuesday

Initial reports claim death toll at 58; Attacks reportedly carried out by Syrian army or “Russian jets”; Sarin or chlorine gas likely chemical agent used

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Chemical attacks were carried out in Syria Tuesday, with reports putting the death toll from the attack as rising from 58 to as many as 100, in what has been the deadliest chemical attack in Syria to date.

Reports from Syrian rebels and humanitarian groups in Syria claim the attacks were carried out by airstrike by Assad’s regime or by Russian jets on the region of Idlib, a rebel stronghold in northern Syria. The town of Khan Sheikhoun was heavily hit in the strikes, with approximately 200-300 injured.

According to reports, victims of the attack have been foaming in the mouth, vomiting and choking, the chemicals used believed to either be chlorine gas or nerve agent sarin. Of the initial report of 58 dead, 11 were children.

Idlib is controlled by rebel forces and home to approximately to 900,000 displaced Syrians.

The Syrian Army, President Assad nor Russia have addressed the attacks.

The European Union condemned the attacks, holding Assad responsible, EU Diplomatic Chief Federica Mogherini stating on Tuesday “this is a dramatic reminder that the situation on the ground continues to be dramatic in many parts of Syria. Obviously there is a primary responsibility there of the regime because it has responsibility of protecting its people not attacking its people.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed this morning’s attacks, calling on the international community to act and remove the Syrian Regimes chemical weapons out of Syria, stating “Israel strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons in any situation, especially against innocent civilians. Israel calls on the international community to fulfill promises made in 2013, and to remove chemical weapons from Syria.”

The last suspected chemical attacks in Syria occurred in August of 2016 in the rebel-held town of Saraqeb not far from Aleppo.