ISIS fires two rockets into Israel following Israeli drone attack that killed five of its operatives in Sinai

Five operatives killed in reported Israeli drone attack Saturday night; ISIS fires two rockets into Israel Monday morning

A smoke trail is seen as a rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel

ISIS fired two rockets from the Sinai Peninsula into Israel on Monday morning following reports that an Israeli drone killed five Islamic State operatives in the Sinai Peninsula Saturday night.

There were no reported injuries or damages from the rocket attacks, ISIS taking responsibility for the rocket attack shortly after.

Reports of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA) killing five ISIS terrorists on Saturday surfaced on Sunday when the Islamic State reported the Israeli drone attack not far from the Sinai-Gaza border.

Less than two weeks ago, ISIS fired four rockets into southern Israel on Eilat, the Iron Dome missile defense system downing three, the fourth landing in an open area. No damages or injuries were reported. The terrorist group released a statement confirming the attack stating, “A number of rockets were launched at Jewish centers in Eilat… The Jews and Crusaders should know that the war of the apostles will not save them in any way.”

Both the IDF and Ministry of Defense refused to confirm or deny the drone operation.