Saudi Arabia: We look forward to working with the Trump Administration on all issues in the region.

Ahead of meeting between Saudi FM with US Secretary of State Tillerson, Saudi Arabia “looks forward to working with the Trump Administration on all issues in the region.”


Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir stated on Thursday that his country looks forward to working with the Trump Administration on “all issues in the region.”

Ahead a meeting with United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Jubier stated “We look forward to working with the Trump administration on all issues in the region,” referring to ISIS, nuclear Iran, Syria, Libya and Yemen, the minister stating “We are very, very optimistic about our ability to resolve issues in the region.”

The foreign minister had previously stated following Trump’s inauguration that “The positions that President Trump has articulated are ones that we are completely in accordance with: restoring America’s presence in the world is something we, and all of the America, welcome,” the minister stating that “lack of an American engagement” leads to an international system filled with “evil forces.” He added that “we all must work against those evil forces at great cost. So an America that is engaged is an America that plays a positive role in the world and is something we welcome.”

Specifically on the threat of racial Islam, particularly ISIS, he stated at the time “President Trump has stated his objective to the defeat of Daesh [ISIS]. We, and every civilized country in the world support this goal. And we look forward to working with the Administration on realizing this objective.”

On Trump’s commitment to combatting a nuclear Iran, he stated “He has spoken about containing Iran and limiting its ability to cause mischief and making sure that Iran abide to the letter with the nuclear agreement that was signed. This is exactly our position, and we look forward to working with them in this area.”

On US-Saudi relations, he stated, “US- Saudi relationship have a very long relationship and a very strategic relationship. It is multi-faceted. We have strong ties and have had for decades in the area of security, in the military field, in the political field, in the economic field, in the investment field… We look forward to working with Trump’s Administration to further the bilateral relationship and to further and to deal positively with the challenges, numerous challenges, whether we are talking about Syria or Iraq or Yemen, Libya, fighting terrorism, dealing with the global financial issues and energy.”