Russia: The Syrian government has re-established control over eastern Aleppo

Russia announces Aleppo under Assad’s control as rebel forces and civilians evacuate city; Over 200 executions reported Tuesday night


Aleppo is under entire control of Assad’s regime as of Tuesday in an apparent end of Russia and Assad regime’s large-scale offensive of the Syrian city since November.

Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Churkin announced Tuesday evening that “military activities in east Aleppo have stopped,” confirming that “the Syrian government has re-established control over eastern Aleppo.”

According to reports from the Russian Ambassador, Syrian rebels have reached a ceasefire with Russia and Assad’s regime to end all military activity within Aleppo and have already begun evacuating civilians and rebel forces from the city. The ceasefire was reportedly reached under Turkish mediation.

A reported 200 executions were reported on Tuesday, many of Free Syrian Army rebel forces and of civilians, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemning the attacks and holding an emergency meeting of the UN Human Rights Council late Tuesday evening.

Syria’s 5-year civil war has claimed over a quarter of a million lives. According to media reports from rebel forces, a reported 5,000 civilians are expected to evacuate Aleppo on Wednesday.