Russian fighter jet crash and aircraft carrier disrupts Mediterranean air traffic

Israel, Cyprus and Lebanon affected by carrier; Accident Monday results in alternative air routes and closure of regional airspaces


A Russian military aircraft that crashed taking off an aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean Sea off the shores of Syria caused major disruption in the region’s air traffic Monday.

A Su-33 fighter jet skid off the deck on Monday and was lost at sea. It is the second such incident in the past month, a MiG-29 fighter jet crashing due to technical issues on November 14.

The Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov, arrived to Syria’s ports two weeks ago, the recent accident causing the closure of all flights to and from Israel, Cyprus and Lebanon.

The Admiral Kuznetsov was deployed to assist Assad’s regime with military aid.

The incident resulted in alternative air routes in Israel, Cyprus and Lebanon’s airspace. The aircraft carrier’s presence alone has resulted in weeks of remapping of air routes and delays. The closures in airspace and changes in air routes are reportedly set until December 24, 2016.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed the incident and reported that “The Russian air carrier deployment continues its operation in the Mediterranean Sea as planned. Flights of aviation on board continue in accordance with relevant tasks.”