Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan move forward with North-South transport corridor

Putin, Rouhani and Aliyev meet in Baku, sign agreements in security and combatting terrorism; Construction of railway link between Iran and Azerbaijan to begin in “nearest months”


Putin met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev in Baku on Monday, their meeting centered on talks and agreements in economic cooperation and most importantly the North-South transport corridor- a railway link between Iran and Azerbaijan.

Putin stated ahead of their meeting “we are starting off with a clean slate in our relations with this trilateral meeting,” with President Aliyey stating “Azerbaijan is the only country in the world that has borders both with Iran and Russia. There are railway links between Russia and Azerbaijan. This year we’ve taken a decision that Azerbaijan will construct a railroad to Iran’s border. Hopefully, we’ll do it within the nearest months.”

The three leaders additionally signed agreements in security and combatting terrorism.

A declaration released from their meeting states “The sides intend to make efforts on integration of regional transport and communication opportunities for creation of safe transport infrastructure. They are determined to take effective steps for development of transport-communication infrastructure.”