Israel Air Force carries out airstrikes in Syria thwarting weapons convoy for Hezbollah

Last airstrike reported was in February; Several Syrian rebel forces confirm multiple strikes


Israel’s Air Force reportedly carried out airstrikes in Syria overnight targeting a weapons convoy for Hezbollah.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 and various Arab news stations, the weapons convoy was thwarted in the Bekaa Valley in the town of Anjar, a Hezbollah stronghold. Syrian opposition reported a “number of strikes against Hezbollah positions close to the Syria-Lebanon border. According to reports from the field the air strike was carried out as a Hezbollah convoy departed from the area, apparently into Lebanon.”

Israeli strikes in the region have been to thwart weapons transfers from Syria to Hezbollah. The last report of a strike from Israel was at the beginning of February when Syrian media reported an Israeli Air Force strike near the town of Qutayfah in the Qalamoun region on the Syrian-Lebanese border Monday evening. Qalamoun is also Hezbollah stronghold and has been the location of several reported Israeli airstrikes over the past 6 months.

Israel refuses to respond confirming or denying the report, consistent with any covert operations. Hezbollah has not responded to the reports.