Russia denies reports of agreement with United States for Assad’s refuge in foreign country

Reports claiming US and Russia agree to allow Assad refuge in foreign country dismissed by Kremlin; United States and Syrian Opposition dismiss Assad’s claims for unity government


Reports claiming that Syrian President Bashar Assad will seek refuge in a foreign country were released Thursday.

According to Al-Hayat, an agreement was made between the United States and Russia, facilitated by United States Secretary of State John Kerry and the United Nations Security Council for Assad’s departure from Syria as part of efforts for a peace plan and solution to end Syria’s ongoing civil war.

Just hours following the report, spokesman to the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov denied the reports stating “The difference between the Russian side and other countries lies in the fact that Russia does not discuss the issue of self-determination of third countries, including Syria, via diplomatic or other channel…The al-Hayat newspaper has published information that does not correspond to reality.”

Additionally, Assad proposed his capability of leading the country under a “new draft constitution” which he claimed would be “ready in weeks” as well as the formation of a government that “included opposition, independents and loyalists could be agreed… That’s why the solution is forming a national unity government which prepares for a new constitution.” The Syrian opposition rejected Assad’s claims as did the White House, Spokesman Josh Earnest stating “I don’t know whether he envisioned himself being part of that national unity government. Obviously that would be a nonstarter for us.”