NSA chief held secret meeting in Israel with IDF last week

Reports surface of Rogers’ visit to Israel last week; While reports unconfirmed, reports made in Israel and the United States both made


Michael Rogers, the head of the NSA (United States’ National Security Agency) and head of the United States Army’s Cyber Command reportedly visited Israel secretly last week. According to reports, the visit was centered on cooperation between the Israel Defense Forces Intelligence Corps (Unit 8200) and the NSA on cyber defense.

While unconfirmed, Rogers reportedly met with high-ranking officers from Unit 8200 as well as several senior political figures.

The visit comes following an indictment filed by the United States Justice Department against Iranian hackers who attempted to carry out cyber attacks over three years ago. The hackers were financially supported by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard.

Israel’s Defense Forces cooperates jointly with Israeli security agencies on combatting cyber attacks. Israel has been increasing its forces in cyber defense, in the IDF and security agencies. A unit was developed in 2013, training soldiers in cyber defense.