Obama: Resolution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict “not something I was able to get done.”

Amidst ongoing reports that Obama may support United Nations Security Council Resolution on two-state solution, Obama confirms conflict will not to be “solved in the nine months that I have left on the job.”



President Obama stated that a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would not occur during his remaining time in the White House. His remarks come during reports from the media and unconfirmed by the Obama Administration that the president would consider pushing a United Nation’s Security Council Resolution on a two-state solution.

The President’s remarks were made on Wednesday in Argentina where Obama addressed students. He stated that a solution for the conflict “is not something I was able to get done. This conflict has been going on for 60 years. It’s certainly not going to be solved in the nine months that I have left on the job.”

When asked whether a binational solution was possible, Obama stated, “That isn’t a solution that will bring stability because of the great distrust between the Jewish people and the Palestinians. There’s been talk about a one-state solution or sort of a divided government. It’s hard for me to envision that being stable, there’s such deep distrust between the two peoples right now… The only way to solve the crisis is with two states for two peoples… Israelis and Palestinians both have legitimate fears, but when it comes to making peace, we can’t do it for them.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed a UN Security Council Resolution as detrimental to the peace process during his address to AIPAC on Tuesday. He stated that a “Security Council resolution to pressure Israel would further harden Palestinian positions, and thereby it could actually kill the chances of peace for many, many years. And that is why I hope the United States will maintain its longstanding position to reject such a UN resolution… I was glad to hear the presidential candidates from both parties reaffirm this basic principle. Peace won’t come through UN Security Council resolutions, but through direct negotiations between the parties.”