Syria reports Israeli airstrikes on military outpost outside of Damascus

Israel does not confirm or deny reports; Hezbollah denies attacks occurred

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet (Reuters)

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet (Reuters)

Syrian media reported that Israeli conducted airstrikes on a Syrian military outpost outside of Damascus overnight Wednesday.


According to reports from Syria and Saudi Arabia, the targeted military outpost was hit three times. Hezbollah’s media outlet Al-Manar denied the reports as they have in past Israeli covert operations. Officials from Assad’s regime additionally refuted reports of the strikes.


Israel has been clear that it will not involve itself in Syria’s civil war but will defend itself from terror. Covert operations conducted in Syria are most often to prevent weapons transfers from Syria to Hezbollah.

An Israeli Air Force strike near the town of Qutayfah in the Qalamoun region on the Syrian-Lebanese border was reported in early February. Qalamoun is a Hezbollah stronghold and has been the location of several reported Israeli airstrikes over the past 6 months.