Fatah and Hamas hold reconciliation meeting in Qatar

Officials to meet on division of power and goal of elections; Possible meeting between Abbas and Mashaal in near future

The Palestinian unity government formed Monday

The Palestinian unity government formed April 2014

Fatah and Hamas held a “reconciliation meeting” in Doha, Qatar Sunday, the meeting centered on restoring ties between Hamas and Fatah and arranging a potential meeting between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas with Hamas political chief Khaled Mashaal.


According to Hamas “This meeting will aim to establish viable mechanisms for applying the reconciliation agreement,” with reports claiming “Fatah sees that leadership of the PLO and the PA should remain in the hands of Fatah, and that Hamas should take into account the national interest of the Palestinian people.”


Hamas and Fatah created a unity government following the collapse of peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel in 2014. As Hamas is a terrorist organization, Israel refused direct talks with the unity government.


According to reports, the meeting focused on division of power and resumption of a political system to include possible voting for a Palestinian government. The Palestinian parliament has not had an official meeting since 2007.