Much needed rain and snow in northern Israel to continue over the weekend

Snow on Mt. Hermon, Golan Heights and Safed; Rain and some flooding; Sea of Galilee gets 3-centimeter rise


Israel received much needed rain through out the country, as well as snow and some flooding at the finish of 2015.

The Galilee and Golan Heights received over 60 millimeters of rainfall, the much-needed rain coming after a small island could be seen in the center of the Sea of Galilee- a sign of low water. The rain brought an over 3-centimeter rise in the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).

It snowed in Safed and the Golan Heights, ski resorts opening on Mt. Hermon.

High winds and light snow are to continue in northern Israel, with a slight chance of some snow in Jerusalem.

Following last year’s snowstorm which caused major power outages and difficult living situations for Jerusalem residents, Israel’s police and homefront command are working closely to monitor the weather and inform citizens of any issues that may arise.