Germany to deploy 1,200 soldiers in Syria to support fight against ISIS

Germany responds to French call for support in fight against Islamic State; 1,200 German soldiers to deploy to Syria


Germany announced Monday that it plans to deploy 1,200 soldiers to Syria to aid in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS). While the deployment requires approval from Germany’s parliament, its government is seeking a mandate by the end of 2015.

The decision comes following French President Francois Hollande call on European states to assist in the fight against ISIS.

Chief of Staff of the German Army, Volker Wieker stated that, “From a military point of view, some 1,200 soldiers are expected to be needed to operate the planes and ships,” emphasizing that German troops would not be part of combat operations.

Germany has already committed to sending 650 soldiers to assist French forces in Mali. Additionally, six Tornado reconnaissance jets and a naval frigate are to be provided with talks to station the jets in Jordan and Turkey currently underway.