Israel providing intelligence information and assisting France on Paris terror attacks

Following terror attacks on Friday in Paris, reports of Israel sharing intelligence information; Netanyahu instructs Israeli security and intelligence to assist France and Europe


Israel shared intelligence information with France after the terror attacks in Paris Friday, the attacks at six different locations in Paris leaving 129 dead.

While Israeli officials have not commented on the reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered Israeli security and intelligence agencies to continue to work with France.

Netanyahu stated on the cooperation, “We are not exactly a marginal player in this field, and the information that we have we are sharing with France and other relevant countries, not just over the past day. It’s an important part of the cooperation against the terrorism of the Islamic State and of radical Islamic terrorism in general… I’ve instructed Israel’s security and intelligence services to assist their French counterparts and counterparts from other European countries in any way possible

Israel additionally provided intelligence information to Russia on the downing of the Russian Airbus A-321 over the Sinai, Egypt on October 31.