Islamic State claims responsibility for Russian passenger plane crash in Sinai

While investigation underway and no links to a terror attack, ISIS claims responsibility for the crash, states “The daily murdering of dozens in Syria by your airstrikes will bring disaster on you.”


The Islamic State claims responsibility for the crash of the Russian passenger plane in Egypt on Saturday. The plane was en route to St. Petersburg from a resort on the Red Sea, with 224 passengers, majority Russian citizens.

Initial reports and investigation believe the crash was caused due to technical failure. Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov denounced the Islamic State’s claims, stating that it “cannot be considered reliable”.

ISIS released the statement: Russians and everyone who is with you in the alliance: Know that you have no safety on Muslim soil or in Muslim airspace. The daily murdering of dozens in Syria by your airstrikes will bring disaster on you. Just as you kill, so you will be killed, God willing.

Russia’s military has been active in aiding the Syrian Army as it fights rebel forces and Islamic State groups. Russia claims it is only fighting the ISIS and not rebel forces, however, several Russian airstrikes were carried out on rebel forces in Syria.

Last week, Fox News reported that Russia has been flying Iranian arms into Syria. The report cites “western intelligence sources” which claim that Russia has “helped Iran deliver weapons into Syria twice a day over the past 10 days”. If true, the shipments are in violation of two United Nations Security Council resolutions, a breach of international weapons embargo against Iran.