Arab media reports Israeli Air Force strikes in Syria over weekend

Two airstrikes reportedly on attempted arms transfer to Hezbollah; IDF refuses to comment

 F-35 fighter jets

F-35 fighter jets

Several reports from Arab media claim the Israeli Air Force launched two strikes on Hezbollah and Syrian military targets overnight Friday into Saturday. The strike was reportedly preventing an arms transfer to Hezbollah.

Reports claim at 6 Israeli jets flew along the Lebanese border into Syrian airspace with strikes on al-Qalamoun outside of Damascus.

The airstrikes come following several Russian airstrikes on rebel forces close to Israel’s border with Syria over the weekend. The strikes have been the closest Russian airstrikes to Israel’s border since Russia’s military involvement in Syria.

The IDF refused to comment.

While Israel has consistently stated it will not become involved in Syria’s civil war, there have been numerous reported airstrikes in the past, preventing arms transfer to Hezbollah. Israel consistently refuses to comment on these events.