New Zealand preparing UN draft resolution calling for resumption of peace talks

NZ to submit draft resolution in coming days; Terror attack thwarted in West Bank, stabbing in Jerusalem

UN General Assembly

UN General Assembly

New Zealand is preparing a draft UN resolution it intends to submit to the Security Council, calling on resumption of peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and an end to violence and terror attacks.

The resolution additionally calls on Israel to freeze settlement construction as well as calls on the Palestinians to desist in its efforts against the State of Israel in the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

The resolution states that, “The Security Council is very concerned that the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians regarding the vision of two states has been suspended for 17 months. A durable peace based on a two-state solution can only be achieved if the two sides engage in serious negotiations. Support by interested parties, especially members of the quartet and the Security Council, is essential. The Arab League initiative is also important in this context.”

New Zealand’s Foreign Minister Murray McCully stated that the intention of the draft resolution is to “stimulate a level of debate”.

The resolution is expected to meet opposition by both Israel and Palestinian bodies in the United Nations.

On Friday, a terrorist stabbed an Israeli in Jerusalem, security forces shooting and stopping the terrorist. It was the first attack in Jerusalem in close to two weeks.

Additionally, two terrorists attempted to stab security guards at the Tapuach Junction in the West Bank, the attack thwarted by an IDF soldier.