Netanyahu: This is our home. This is our homeland. Our will to live will defeat our enemies’ desire to kill.

PM addresses winter session in Knesset; Tensions high, several Arab MK’s leave; Terrorist attacks continue

Prime Minister Netanyahu (Reuters)

Prime Minister Netanyahu (Reuters)

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) winter session Monday evening, calling for coexistence between Jews and Arabs in Israel while calling on Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas to “fight incitement being employed to bring a religious conflict to Israel”.

Netanyahu stated, “There is no way to stop the Zionist enterprise. This is our home. This is our homeland. Our will to live will defeat our enemies’ desire to kill.” Netanyahu announced that, “Yesterday we approved minimum prison terms for minors and their parents” amidst the wave of terror through out Israel.

During his address, several members of the Joint Arab List walked out of the winter session.

His address comes during continued terror attacks and violence through out Israel.

Netanyahu additionally canceled a delegation of the Middle East Quartet who were scheduled to visit Israel this week.

On Monday afternoon, a 12-year-old-boy riding his bicycle was stabbed repeatedly and is currently being hospitalized in critical condition. The terrorist was 15 years old and was shot by Israeli police. A second victim, 25, was also stabbed by a terrorist in his teens. The terrorist was hit by a car trying to escape the scene and is currently hospitalized.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat released the following statement after the attacks: To our shock and horror, the cruelty of murderers who attack innocent civilians and children on their way home from school knows no limit, confronting us all with a shocking form of evil. This cruel and merciless terrorism is the result of incitement and inflammatory lies. We must act swiftly and decisively against the terrorists as well as against those who are spreading this incitement. I call on Prime Minister Netanyahu to implement more severe means and to take strong action against those who are inciting terrorism with their inflammatory statements and messages.