IDF deploys 2 additional Iron Dome batteries in southern Israel

Anti-missile defense systems deployed in Sderot and Netivot; Rocket fired into Israel early Monday morning

Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired into Israel (EPA)

Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired into Israel (EPA)

The IDF deployed two additional Iron Dome batteries in southern Israel Sunday night in the cities of Netivot and Sderot.

In the earlier hours of Monday morning, a rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel, landing in an open field. No injuries or damage was reported from the rocket attack. The IDF is investigating the source of the rocket attack.

This is the third Iron Dome deployed in southern Israel, the IDF deploying the anti-missile defense system in Ashdod on Thursday following security concerns raised by the southern command.

Two rockets were fired from the Strip into Israel on Friday evening, the Sheikh Omar Hadid Brigade claiming responsibility for the attacks. The Salafist terror organization has taken responsibility for previous rocket attacks on Israel in the past.

The Israeli Air Force retaliated with airstrikes targeting three sites in northern Gaza following the rocket attacks.