Hamas releases detailed video of new tunnels and infiltration scenarios

Video shows highly trained militants infiltrating Israel via tunnel network and attacking IDF sites

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Hamas’s military wing, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, released a video of the reconstruction of its terror tunnel network as well as new advanced training and infiltration techniques into Israel.

The video was released mid week and shows characters infiltrating Israel with use of weapons and fighting techniques showing not only their active digging, but also training of militants and learned tactics following last summer’s Operation Protective Edge.

The video portrays the use of machine guns, grenades, abduction techniques and use of highly sophisticated military equipment.

It is not secret that Hamas has resumed its tunnel digging, residents in southern Israel presenting the media and IDF with raw video footage of masked Hamas militants digging along the border fence. Hamas has additionally confirmed the construction of a main road currently being constructed on the border with Israel, a Hamas militant stating weeks ago that the road was meant for attacks involving vehicles.

Israel’s Defense Ministry and IDF have built a “smart fence” along and around the border with the Gaza Strip that detects suspicious behavior and alerts IDF troops of the location.