IDF deploys Iron Dome in Ashdod region following threats from Hamas military wing

Hamas military wing threatens to “respond forcefully” if terrorist on hunger strike is to become “martyr”

Iron Dome defense systems in southern Israel (Ben Hartman)

Iron Dome defense systems in southern Israel (Ben Hartman)

The IDF has deployed and Iron Dome missile defense battery in the Ashdod region in southern Israel due to security concerns of possible rocket attacks on Israel.

The military wing of Hamas, The Al-Quds Brigade, announced that it would “respond forcefully” if Palestinian prisoner Mohammad Allan, 31, a Islamic Jihad militant, dies from his hunger strike. The groups warned that “The Al-Quds Brigades, the armed branch of Islamic Jihad, announces that if Allan falls as a martyr, it will be a crime of the occupation toward our prisoners and our people that will force us to respond forcefully, ending our obligation to the cease-fire.”

Allan, who was on a 65-day hunger strike, was ordered to be released by Israel’s High Court of Justice on Wednesday from administrative detention. Allan recently awoke from a coma and vowed to continue his hunger strike, however, reportedly is in a coma again as of Wednesday evening. The Court also granted Allan visiting rights from his family.

Allan was offered to be released if he agreed to leave Israel for four years, an offer he refused. His lawyer stated that “He wants to be released from his administrative detention. He refused the offer on all its bases. Not even one day abroad. He wants to be freed and go home.”

Israel’s Justice Ministry has confirmed that Allan was involved in “grave terrorism” and that information on his case is classified. Allan denies the charges that incarcerated him.