Steinitz on final nuclear deal: This is about the future of Israel and global security.

Just a few weeks ahead of final agreement between world powers and Iran, Steinitz addresses nuclear Iran threat to globe

Yuval Steinitz (Tomer Appelbaum)

Yuval Steinitz (Tomer Appelbaum)

Israel’s Minister of National Infrastructure, Yuval Steinitz, warned against the global threat a nuclear deal with Iran would pose. Negotiations are nearing an end, the deadline for a final agreement between world powers and Iran set for June 30.

Speaking at the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum, Steinitz addressed the currently reported designated and permitted time period of one decade in which inspections of Iran’s military facilities. He asked that, “ What if Iran remains committed to the destruction of Israel even 12 years from now,” adding “If Iran becomes Holland, then we trust them “ in reference to Holland, which has a nuclear program but is not in violation of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

He added that, “If Iran remains Iran then the forthcoming deal will give no answer. This is about the future of Israel and global security.”

He also addressed Iran’s consistent stance that inspections of military sites would not be part of the final agreement. Last week, Iranian Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri stated that, “Any kind of inspection of Iran’s military sites, including managed and restricted access, is unacceptable.”

Military inspections and timeframe for sanctions relief are reportedly the two major issues in negotiations.

Steinitz stated on Iran’s military inspection stance that Iran has made it that “military sites cannot be approached by IAEA inspectors… the whole inspections regime will be useless.”