IAF responds to rocket attack

Netanyahu slams international community for not condemning attack; Hamas arrests rocket launcher

Police search for rocket fired into Israel (Bar'el Ephraim)

Police search for rocket fired into Israel (Bar’el Ephraim)

The Israeli Air Force responded to rocket fire from Gaza Strip into Israel early Sunday morning. Following yet another rocket attack from Gaza, the IAF struck terror infrastructure in the north of the Strip.

The Omar Brigades again claimed responsibility for the attack. The terrorist organization stated that “The Jews will never enjoy security and safety as long as we are alive.” The group has claimed responsible for the recent rocket attacks on the State of Israel.

Hamas reported arrested the culprit of the attack, stating on Sunday morning, “What happened yesterday goes against the interests of the Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip and against our national interests. We consider the rocket fire to be a dangerous thing.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed the attack and international communities lack of condemnation. He stated, “I did not hear a single member of the international community condemn the attack, and the UN did not say a word. I’m interested to see if the silence will continue when we act in self defense.”