Lebanon reports two Israeli Air Force airstrikes on Lebanon-Syria border

IDF does not comment on reports; Mixed reports coming in from Arab media

Israeli F-16 fighter jet

Israeli F-16 fighter jet

Reports from Lebanon claim that the Israeli Air Force struck at least twice on the Lebanese-Syrian border Tuesday afternoon. According to initial reports, the attacks occurred in a region of rebel forces fighting Hezbollah.

Reports later claim the strikes were made on the east Lebanese border, reports from Lebanese security officials claiming that Israel struck south of Baalkbek close to the border with Syria and that “several civilians were wounded”.

The IDF has no comment on the reports. In situations involving possible Israeli airstrikes in the region, the IDF typically does not comment on reports.

Israel’s Channel 2 however reported that, “There was no attack. Not every explosion in Lebanon is Israel.”

Several Hezbollah leaders also denied the reports of attacks.

The reports come during a week of drills held through out the country, a nationwide drill with sirens occurring Tuesday morning with a second drill scheduled for Tuesday evening.