Victim of West Bank drive-by shooting passes away

One of the four victims of the terror attack in the West Bank dies Tuesday evening; IDF continues to search for culprits

Malachy Rosenfeld, 25

Malachy Rosenfeld, 25

One of four Israelis injured in a terror attack Monday night died Tuesday. Malachi Rosenfeld, 25, succumbed to his wounds while being treated in a Jerusalem hospital.

Four Israelis were victim to a shooting attack Monday, when Palestinians began to shoot at the vehicle of the four friends near the West Bank settlement of Shilo. All four of the friends were returning from a basketball game headed to their home- the settlement of Kochav Hashahar.

The terrorists escaped the scene, the IDF and Israeli Police forces searching the area and setting up additional checkpoints and security measures.

An IDF official stated that there was “no terror infrastructure behind the attacks” and added that, “There is no collective punishment to the Palestinian population, and the steps that have been taken are a direct result of the current situation assessment and intelligence picture. The moment we get our hands on the perpetrators of the recent attacks we believe that the attacks will stop. The coordination with the Palestinian security forces continues as do the conversations with the settlers.”

Israeli Navy stops flotilla from entering Gaza Strip

Flotilla redirected to Ashdod after navy prevents attempted illegal entry into Strip

Mavi Marmara May 2010

Mavi Marmara May 2010

The Israeli Navy prevented the four-vessel flotilla from entering the Gaza Strip overnight Sunday into Monday morning. The Swedish-pro Palestinian group that organized the flotilla left from Greece over the weekend.

The IDF met the activists on the “Marianne of Gothenburg”, an official stating, “When it became clear that the passengers had no intention to cooperate and proceed to the port of Ashdod, it was decided to seize the vessel and to transport it to Ashdod port.”

The IDF reported that no injuries or conflict arose, releasing the statement following the incident: In accordance with international law, the Israeli Navy advised the vessel several times to change course. Following their refusal, forces visited and searched the vessel in international waters in order to prevent the intended breach of the maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip. The forces have reported that use of force was unnecessary, and that the process was uneventful. The vessel is currently being escorted to Ashdod Port and is expected to arrive within 12-24 hours.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu referred to the flotilla as a “demonstration of hypocrisy and lies” stating that “their determined and efficient action in detaining the passengers on the ship that tried to reach the Gaza coast in contravention of the law… This flotilla is nothing but a demonstration of hypocrisy and lies that is only assisting the Hamas terrorist organization and ignores all of the horrors in our region. Preventing entry by sea was done in accordance with international law and even received backing from a committee of the UN Secretary General.”

Israel introduces new 200 NIS bill featuring Nathan Alterman

Two of four bills redesigned; 200 NIS bill to be circulated in 2016


The Bank of Israel announced a new 200 NIS bill that will begin circulating in Israel in 2016. The new designs and theme for Israel’s new currency features famous Israeli/Hebrew poets and authors.

The 200 NIS bill will be blue (previously red) featuring the poet Nathan Alterman.

Alterman was an Israeli poet and playwright. He emigrated to then British Mandate of Palestinian in 1925 at the age of 15 from Poland. Alterman is most famous for his poetry and writing on the Holocaust.

Israel has been updating its currency with higher security markers for forgery prevention as well as making changes for the blind and visually impaired. The changes include different lengthens for the bills as well as a different transparent symbols that can be felt.

The 200 NIS bill is the second newly designed bill following the introduction last year of the new 50 NIS bill featuring Shaul Tchernichovsky. The 100 and 20 NIS bills are still in the design process and will feature the authors and poets Leah Goldberg and Rachel Bluwstein.

Kerry meets with Iranian FM in Vienna ahead of deadline for final agreement

Ahead of Tuesday deadline for a final agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, Kerry meets with Zarif, both state “lot of work to do”

Kerry with Zarif in Vienna Saturday (Retuers)

Kerry with Zarif in Vienna Saturday (Retuers)

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with Untied States Secretary of State John Kerry in Vienna Saturday, as world powers and Iran finalize negotiations on a final agreement ahead of Tuesday’s deadline.

Zarif stated on the meeting that, “We’ve come to Vienna to strike an agreement within the next few days, although time is not important and a good deal is more important than a deadline” adding that the West needs to stop “excessive demands” in negotiations. He stated that “we need to work really hard in order to be able to make progress and move forward.”

Negotiations have been reported as progressive, Iranian Foreign Deputy Minister stating, “on the whole we are making headway”.

John Kerry stated following their meeting that, “We have a lot of hard work to do. We have some very tough issues,” a Western diplomat stating that “The next few days will be extremely difficult”.

5.2 earthquake in southern Israel

Earthquake with epicenter in Egypt felt in southern and central Israel Saturday evening


A minor earthquake was felt in southern and center Israel Saturday night, reports confirming a 5.2 earthquake.

The earthquake was felt in Cairo through to Eilat, the epicenter of the quake 4 kilometers from Nuwaybi’a Egypt.

No injuries or damages were reported in Israel following the earthquake.

Nuclear talks to resume over weekend ahead of deadline

World powers and Iranian negotiation team to meet in Vienna over the weekend; Deadline for final agreement set for June 30

World powers, EU and Zarif (AFP)

World powers, EU and Zarif (AFP)

Nuclear talks will resume over the weekend, just five days before the designated deadline on a final deal between world powers and Iran on its nuclear program.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will travel to Vienna on Saturday to participate in what media reports are referring to as the final set of negotiations. United States Secretary John Kerry will reportedly join negotiations on Friday.

Reports earlier this week claim progress in talks, Western sources reporting that the deadline may be extended by a few days. All of the deadlines in talks with Iran have been extended.

Iran however passed a bill on Tuesday to protect the country’s “nuclear rights and achievements”, the bill stating that any deal with the West must be reviewed by Iranian lawmakers.

The bill allows for international inspections of nuclear sites, but not military sites, a condition Iran has refused to alter. Iran’s refusal to allow for military site inspections has been deemed as one of the largest obstacles in negotiations.

The Rise of the One World Religion

Amir’s upcoming teaching announced for August and September


A new world religion is formed before our very eyes, based on “just do good”. This innocent looking religion will soon turn into a horrific scene for anyone who is left behind after the rapture of the church. Read revelation 13 and make up your mind today to follow Jesus! I will be delivering this message in August in the Philippines and in September in the USA.

Stay tuned!

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