Terrorists from Syria attempt to plant bomb on Israeli border, IAF responds

Four terrorists in Syria attempted to plant a bomb on Israel’s border; Israeli Air Force responds; Second reported IDF strike on Syria-Lebanese border inaccurate Al-Nusra Front responsible

IDF forces at the location of the attempted attack from Syria

IDF forces at the location of the attempted attack from Syria

IDF forces killed four terrorists in Syria who attempted to place a bomb on the Israeli-Syrian border on Sunday evening.

The incident took place in an abandoned IDF bases in Israel territory in the buffer zone between Syria and Israel. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit released that statement on late Sunday night: A short while ago, the IDF eliminated a terror cell attempting to place an explosive device against IDF forces on Israel’s border with Syria. The IDF will not accept any attempt to attack or infringe Israel’s sovereignty.

The terrorist were located by an IDF patrol along the border, the Israeli Air Force sending planes to take out the terrorists.

The attempted attack comes after a reported airstrike on Syria by the Israeli Air Force over the weekend. Mixed reports arose of the attack, with final reports that the target was a convoy of long-range missiles en route from Syria to Hezbollah.

The IDF did not confirm or comment on the incident.

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised the IDF for their attentiveness in preventing the attack and stated, “Any attempt to harm our soldiers will be met with a firm response, like the one led by the IDF tonight who stopped an attempted terror attack. I praise the IDF alertness which responded quickly and accurately.”

Additionally there were again reports by Arab media that Israeli warplanes attacked rocket launchers belonging to the Syrian army and Hezbollah on the Syrian-Lebanese border overnight Sunday.

The explosions that were reported however were the Al-Nussra Front infighting with the Syrian army and not Israeli airstrikes.