Israel: The Palestinians have no right to join the ICC because there is no Palestinian state

Israel’s Foreign Minister responds to Palestinians joining ICC


Israel responded to the Palestinians membership to the International Criminal Court, the Foreign Ministry speaking out against the Palestinian’s “political, cynical and hypocritical” decision.

The Palestinians officially joined the ICC yesterday.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Emmanuel Nachshon stated that, “The Palestinian Authority government, which has established a partnership with the murderous Hamas terrorist organization that carries out war crimes like those carried out by Islamic State, is the last one that can threaten to file claims in the international court in The Hague…The Palestinian decision to join the ICC to initiate judicial proceedings against Israel is political, cynical and hypocritical.”

He stated that “Israel’s position, like that of other nations like the US and Canada, is that the Palestinians are not entitled to join the ICC, and that the court does not have the authority to accept them, first and foremost because a Palestinian state is not recognized according to international law” adding “The government of the Palestinian Authority, which is associated with the deadly terrorist Hamas committing war crimes… is the last to be able to threaten legal action.”