IDF paratrooper stabbed by Palestinian in West Bank

Group of illegals attempt to enter Israel; One attacks IDF soldier, arrested and questioned by IDF


An IDF paratrooper was stabbed in his chest on Thursday when confronting a group of Palestinian illegals attempting to cross into Israel at the Oranit checkpoint, about 20 kilometers from Tel Aviv.

The soldier, Yoav Leitman, tackled the attacker on the spot where security officials then arrested him. The rest of the group was also arrested.

Hamas in Gaza praised the attack as being “underscores the determination of the Palestinian people to continue its path of resistance, despite all the obstacles and difficulties.”

Security has been raised over the Passover holiday within the West Bank. Israeli police, border police and volunteers will be deployed to populated areas to ensure Israeli’s safety.

Passover will begin tomorrow evening for a week’s period.