Over 20,000 rally in Tel Aviv in support of Netanyahu and right wing parties for new government

A reported 20,000 rally in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square in support of Netanyahu and right wing parties ahead of elections Tuesday; Netanyahu: We are keeping Jerusalem, all parts of Jerusalem, under Israeli sovereignty.

PM Netanyahu in Tel Aviv rally (Motti Kimchi)

Tel Aviv rally in support of Netanyahu

A mass rally was held in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square Sunday evening ahead of Israel’s national elections to be held on Tuesday. The rally was held by a reported 20,000, most right wing and moderate Israelis, the rally called “United for the Land of Israel”.

The rally comes after left wing parties held a demonstration and rally in Tel Aviv last weekend in opposition to Netanyahu and the current government.

Both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Economy Minister Naftali Bennett spoke at the rally, thousands waving Israeli flags and signs with right-wing slogans in support of the current prime minister and the Jewish Home party led by Bennet, as well as other right-wing and moderate parties in the government.

The Prime Minister addressed the tens of thousands promising to not withdraw settlements, never to divide Jerusalem and warning of a left-wing government in the Knesset (parliament). He stated that “if the right does not close the gap, there is a danger that a left-wing government will come into power, despite the fact that most of the public wants me as prime minister.”

On settlements he stated that “We did not withdraw, and we will not withdraw, but we have done a great deal” promising that his government would continue not withdraw settlements for Judea and Samaria. He added on Jerusalem, “We are keeping Jerusalem, all parts of Jerusalem, under Israeli sovereignty.” He added that the current opposition in government “know that as long as Likud is in power, we won’t divide Jerusalem, we won’t make concessions, we won’t withdraw from land.”

He stated, “We do not retreat, and we do not fold. And I say this under the greatest pressures as well. We present the Israeli people’s truth to the entire world. When there is an existential threat to our people, the prime minister of Israel must stand at the gates, even if it contradicts the US administration’s position. That’s how I have acted and how I will act with your help and with God’s help. I came here as the prime minister of the entire nation – of those who don’t agree with me and of those who do, and they are many.”

MK Naftali Bennett stated that “Together, with a strong right, we will win. This is our answer to the left that wants to tear apart and divide the people and the land. Put an end to talk on dividing Jerusalem. There can be no negotiations about Jerusalem.” He then sang the song “Jerusalem of Gold” playing the guitar on stage.