Video footage shows Hamas building fortifications along border with Israel

Footage taken by residents near border; IDF states it is“constantly monitoring the Gaza Strip”

Footage of Hamas militants building and digging along border fence

Footage of Hamas militants building and digging along border fence

Video footage was taken this week of Hamas building fortifications and believed attempts at new tunnels near the border fence with Israel in the Gaza Strip. The militants were digging as close as a dozen meters from the border.

Several masked and armed Hamas militants were seen building and digging along Israel’s border with clips of one of the militants ascending into the ground.

The filming was carried out by residents from Netiv HaAsara and not by the IDF, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit responding to the footage release stating, “The IDF is constantly monitoring the Gaza Strip. IDF troops are deployed across the area and near the border fence and provide a wide blanket of protection using both visible and covert means. Even now, wide-scale security activity continues in the area and there’s constant communications between the IDF and the residents of the Gaza border communities.”

Israel destroyed Hamas’s tunnel network during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014. 34 tunnels were destroyed, several of them entering into Israeli towns close to the border.

During the Operation, which lasted 50 days, over 4,564 rockets were fired into Israel with 735 intercepted by the Iron Dome. 66 IDF soldiers were killed, and five Israeli civilians as well as a foreign worker.