Netanyahu states previous support for a demilitarized Palestinian state “simply irrelevant”

Prime Minister states that any territory in Middle East evacuated would be taken over my fundamentalists, states that Palestinian state “simply irrelevant”

Prime Ministet Netanyahu (JPOST)

Prime Ministet Netanyahu (JPOST)

Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed domestic concerns following days of interviews and lobbying against the upcoming deal between world powers and Iran on its nuclear program.

The Prime Minister spoke about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stating that former support for a two-state solution as “simply irrelevant” and that a demilitarized Palestinian state would be taken over fundamentalists. The prime minister stated, “In the situation created in the Middle East, any territory that will be evacuated will be taken over by radical Islam and terrorist organizations supported by Iran. Therefore, there will not be any withdrawals or concessions. The matter is simply irrelevant.”

His comments come after a pamphlet was released through out Israeli synagogues announcing that Netanyahu’s previous vocal support for a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes Israel as a Jewish state was “null and void”.

Negotiations on a two-state solution and negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority overall have been at a halt following the Palestinian unity government made between Hamas and Fatah, Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas’s attempts to gain statehood through the Security Council which failed and then Abbas’s signing of the Roman Statute and joining of the International Criminal Court and press to try Israel for war crimes during Operation Protective Edge in summer of 2014.