Iranian Foreign Minister continues reports of success in nuclear negotiations

Following Netanyahu speech before Congress, Iranian Foreign Minister reports success in current talks ahead of March 31 deadline

Ashton and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif address the press following 3 day talks in Vienna (AP)

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated in an interview Wednesday evening that Iran and world powers are getting “very close” to ending negotiations and “very close” to a final deal on Iran’s nuclear program.

Following talks between Iran’s negotiation’s delegation and the United States earlier this week, Zarif stated that Iran is committed to a final deal ahead of the deadline for negotiations on March 31. The foreign minister stated that work has been done “around the clock” to meet the upcoming deadline.

Zarif also took yet another opportunity in international media to express that Iran is developing and advancing its nuclear program for “peaceful means only” stating that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech in Congress this week as “There may be people who may have been affected by the type of hysteria that is being fanned by people like Mr. Netanyahu.”

He stated that Iran “does not believe nuclear weapons bring security to anybody, certainly not to us,” and that Iran’s nuclear development will always remain peaceful.”

While negotiations will continue between world powers with Iran, the United States Congress has moved to schedule a “floor debate” on a bill written by Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corke, referred to as the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. The bill will require the Congress review of any and all deals made with Iran on its nuclear program, the announcement of such a bill just one day following Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address before Congress.