Netanyahu visits Western Wall and gives speech ahead of Congress address

Netanyahu states his responsibilities as “to worry not only about the State of Israel, but also the future of the Jewish people’; Iran FM calls Netanyahu Congress address “fruitless”

Netanyahu Saturday night at Western Wall (Jpost)

Netanyahu Saturday night at Western Wall (Jpost)

Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Kotel (The Western Wall) in Jerusalem at the end of the Sabbath ahead of his visit to the United States where he will speak before Congress, addressing the threats nuclear Iran and of radical Islam.

The Prime Minister will leave Israel for the United States tomorrow, having been invited by the Republics with much controversy over the past month due to the White House’s disapproval and protest against many Democrats.

Netanyahu stated on Saturday night “On the eve of my flight to the US I wanted to come to the Kotel. This is a chance for me to say that I respect President Barack Obama. I have faith in the strength of the bonds between Israel and the US, and through them we will overcome the disagreements we have and will continue to have. As prime minister, it is my responsibility to look after Israel and therefore we firmly object to the developing deal (with Iran over its nuclear program) which can threaten our very existence. We must unite in face of such an agreement and give voice to the threats it entails for Israel and the world.”

Netanyahu added, “My responsibility is to worry not only about the State of Israel, but also the future of the Jewish people- to stand up and raise our voice. Seventy, eighty years ago no one could raise their voice when there were plans to destroy us. Today there is, and it is my obligation.”

Meanwhile in Iran, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Java Zarif stated that Netanyahu’s Congress speech is “fruitless” stating, “I believe this effort is fruitless and it should not be an impediment to an agreement. It is unfortunate that there is a group which sees its interests in tension and crisis.” His comments were made in a press conference with Italian MP Paolo Gentiloni.

Zarif accused Netanyahu of “an attempt to utilize a fabricated crisis to cover up realities in the region, including occupation, the suppression of Palestinians and the violation of their rights. It is an on old policy to intimidate and spread lies in order to prevent peace in the region.”